Our training division caters to the Private sectors and Government sector’s training needs. Samvit Education Trust is delivering quality trainings as per the client’s requirements through our best in class Infrastructure and by our experienced Subject Matter Experts.

Over 5600 students have transformed their careers through our comprehensive and flexible consumer programs, our students advance in their jobs or find new careers because being a Samvit Education Trust alumnus means you’re a proven professional, the best of the best.

Sl. No Department Project Name No of beneficiaries trained
1 Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India Learn & Earn 200
2 Kudumbashree, Govt. of Kerala Kudumbashree 200
3 Department of Science and technology (DST), Government of India Skill trainings 350
4 The Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) Ministry of Textiles (MOT) 2000
5 The Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) Ministry of Textiles (MOT) 500
6 Telecom Sector Skill Council ESDM 229
7 Government of Himachal Pradesh State Rural Livelihood Mission DDUGKY Himachal Pradesh 300
8 Government of Karnataka  State Rural Livelihood Mission DDUGKY Karnataka 600
9 Government of Kerala  State Rural Livelihood Mission DDUGKY Kerala 315
10 Government of Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission DDUGKY Maharashtra 560
11 Government of Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission DDUGKY Tamil Nadu 375

Approach &Methodology

Brief Methodology for mobilization and selection of trainees

We have adopted an effective learning methodology which is context based. It incorporates the skills, strategy, and knowledge relevant to a candidate and can be applied directly in the training.

Our design philosophy is to customize our core programs using our effective and efficient proprietary customizing process and tools. We incorporate participants’ real-world Challenges and processes into developing cases/exercises.

In our training methodology we utilize a process of questioning and generating a dialogue before presenting concepts and models. By doing this vs. lecturing, we gain participant involvement and buy-in before we build models and teach learning points.

We use a “learning by doing” training methodology through highly interactive training. Using our customized cases and exercises, we ensure that participants apply the skills and strategies learned and receive intensive coaching and feedback. We supplement learning by doing with some other teaching

Strategies, including small group discussion, drills, flip chart development to capture participant opinions and ideas, and limited PowerPoint slides.

For Train-the-Trainer workshops, we not only provide Leader’s Guides, but we also provide in-depth Leader Notes for every case and exercise that provide additional insights and best practices.